Is there a way to scroll down and view pages vertically rather than default side to side on page view?

• Apr 1, 2020 - 12:00

Hi, just wondering if this was ever an option. I tried everything, but other than viewing the page as a "single page". I can't seem to view it vertically like how you view documents on google docs on page view if you know what I mean..


Does [Edit]>[Preferences]>[Canvas]>[Scroll pages vertically] do what you want?

It is a shame this is hidden so deep. It would be nicer within the Page/Continuous view drop down as "Page vertical", "Page horizontal" perhaps, or a better wording if someone can come up with it.

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I've never heard of that happening. Can you attach the score you are having trouble with, and a screenshot demonstration the side-by-side display?

Meanwhile, though, "Single Page" does pretty much the same thing too, just without the clear visual indication of where the page breaks are.

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