Classical Guitar 'Ichiyanagi' Release

• Mar 29, 2020 - 07:43

Classical Guitar Soundfont 'Ichiyanagi' ver1.02 Release !

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Classical Guitar Soundfont

After great help by Ziya Mete Demircan,
We created Classical Guitar Soundfont.

  • Recorded & Sampled by: "Kazuma Yamamoto"
  • Sound font editing & additional instruments : "Ziya Mete Demircan"

Containing of;

  • Cl.Guitar Ichiyanagi

    • Cl.Guitar vib (vibrato)
    • Cl.Guitar leg (legato)
    • Cl.Guitar leg + vib
    • Cl.Guitar muted
    • Cl.Guitar Harmonics
    • Cl.Gt open_str
  • Cl.Gt. 12Str oct-up (+octave higher)

  • Cl.Gt. 12Str oct-dn (+octave lower)

  • Cl.Guitar2 (hi)

    • Cl.Guitar2 vib (vibrato)
    • Cl.Guitar2 leg (legato)
    • Cl.Guitar2 leg + vib
    • Cl.Guitar2 muted
    • Cl.Guitar2 Harmonics
  • Cl.Gt. 12Str2 oct-up (+octave higher)
  • Cl.Gt. 12Str2 oct-dn (+octave lower)

  • Create two sets of samples / normal & harmonics tones
  • Guitar : Kazuo / Kunihiko Ichiyanagi (Aichi Japan 2004)
  • Mono recording
  • Range : C2-E6 (C4=60) // or C1-E5 (C3=60)
  • Microphone : AKG C214 (Condenser Microphone)
  • Audio Interface : Alesis io2
  • Sound editor : Audacity
  • Soundfont editor : Polyphone

for Musescore: By locating KYInstruments-v2_1.xml file, you can select different sounds (sub bank, muted, harmonics etc..) in different voices.
How to locate;


Updated to v.1.03
Download link above is updated already.

Quote from Ziya ;
New April 05, 2020 : v1_03;
a) small corrections.
b) by decreasing the levels of the samples, losses that may occur in sf3 were prevented.
c) all attenuation values was re-adjusted to maintain the volume level.

Old March 27, 2020 : Released (v1_02)
Notice: Some samples are corrupted in the "SF3"version of the previous v1_02 due to a problem caused by the export module of the soundfont editor (there are some dropouts).
This issue didn't affect the SF2 version of v1_02.

It sounds pretty good in normal. Thank you. But the vibrato just came off as "brightness," at least it seemed that way to me. The sound change was drastic and I struggled to hear vibrato. (Also, I couldn't get the muted to work. Maybe just me) But, alas, it is useful. I put the vibrato voice on top of normal to highlight melody.

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Thank you for your feedback! :D
It REALLY encourages me.

About vibrato, I don’t feel it comes off as “brightness” in my ear.
Just as bright as standard sound set (CL.Guitar ichiyanagi)

But anyway, it probably good idea to sample real vibrato sounds (recording) for the next time.
Currently, vibrato (also muted) sounds are digitally created by using standard sound set.

This soundfont listens better than the FreePats' classical guitar.
Seems every tone is accurate and in good timbre, while the Spanish Classical Guitar of the Freepats project has some single tone in poor timbre and severe fundamental frequency loss.
It will be better for you, the author of Classical Guitar "Ichiyanagi" soundfont, to declare the LICENSE of the soundfont since the user sometime need to consider the license in their publication work. If your soundfont needs to be added into the Musescore soundfont library or Freepat Project, a proper license is necessary. For example, the Spanish Classical Guitar is released under the CC0 public common license, which can fit many conditions, and therefore it is widely used though the quality is not so high.

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I’m so happy you like our sound font :D
Thank you!

I recorded samplings, and most of the superb work (editing) was done by Ziya Mete Demircan.
Author of "Ichiyanagi" soundfont is Ziya Mete Demircan and me (Kazuma Yamamoto).
I took a glance at CC0 (well, I’m not familiar with creative commons..)

And it seems ok to me.
What do you think, @Ziya Mete Demircan?

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I think the proper license is:

Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format
Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material
NonCommercial — You may not use the material for commercial purposes.

The following note should be added (This is not an additional restriction, but additional freedom):
Exception: Works arising from the use of Soundont as a tool are excluded. (like: Musical woks exported as audio and/or video). The user can freely use them.

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I think it is necessary to add the LICENSE FILE with where it is published rather than just say a CC-BY-NC with an image. And pointing out the exception term in the forum topic here will make the user feel convenient.
Since you have the Exception term for the exported work, such term should be pointed out in the license file. It is important for you, two authors, to discuss and write down such file. @Ziya Mete Demircan
By the way, the CC-BY-NC with exception license seems to fit the Freepats project. I think contacting the Freepats project will help to increase the fame and the influence of this soundfont.

Additionally, aiming at to solve "Dropbox is not enough permanent to store the soundfont" as for adding it into musescore soundfont list, I think to get into Freepats Project or use Github will be best. Seems you currently store it in the personal blog of Ziya, which may be considered as "not permanent enough" by the musecore officials.

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you name is so cool.. (snow wolf) :D

Thank you so much for your advise!
I just created simple license file in txt.
Ziya, feel free to correct it if you have some spare time :)

About Freepats project, I didn’t know the site and wow it looks very cool.
Seems it’s reliable.

For me, contacting them to add our soundfont is fine.
Wonderful if many people will use our font.
This also sounds good to me to have permanent storing to adding it into MuseScore soundfont list.

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Now it sees better.
But please notice there are some misspelling in License.txt, for example:
"Exception: Works arising from the use of Soundont as a tool are excluded. (like: Musical woks exported as audio and/or video)"
"Soundont" should be "Soundfont". "Musical woks" should be "Musical works". Good spelling will make an impression of professional and credible.

@kazuma yamamoto
Thank you for your works with the classical guitar soundfont, which has been already a great contribution to the community.
Chatting and discussing with skillful and devoted music amateur, like you and Ziya, in the forum is also a good experience. Let's explore the new music world together!

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OK, I received a reply from FreePats. :)

They are glad to include our sound-font in FreePats archive,
But there is a problem that the NonCommercial license is not currently in FreePats list of suitable licenses.

FreePats is a non-commercial, but some people use these sound-fonts in video games, mobile apps etc..
and people are making money by using these sound-fonts.
So currently FreePats allow commercial redistribution.

He said that they could maybe create a section in FreePats for the license under CC BY-NC 4.0 in the future.
By that time he will let me know this and could be include our sound-font there.

Thank you so much for this beautiful soundfont! The samples are great and I love the tone.

Is there a way to change the sound of certain passages? For example have only a few notes sound with vibrato or harmonics? I've placed the xml file where it's supposed to be and added it to my instruments list.

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Thank you!
OK, you added KY_instrument.xml file at your instrument list already,
then try this;

1.New Score Wizard,
Select Choose instruments and continue

2.Click Common and select KY Guitars from dropdown menu, and choose template.

3.Place Staff Text where you want to change the sound.

4.Right click Staff Text and select staff text properties…
choose your desired voice and channel

5.To get this back to normal sound, place Staff Text to your desired measure and set it back to normal via staff text properties…


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