How to make a note sound pizzicato with a soundfont

• Mar 29, 2020 - 03:26

I'm using a soundfont, and musescore messes up with sounds and its instruments, like, a violin with a flute sound etc. but I managed to fix that. But now, I have to make the string instruments play pizzicato,but when I put the the text and go to Staff Text Properties to put Pizzicato, it sounds like a tuba.
Is there a way I can make it sound pizzicato?
Thank you all!


It would be easier to help if you attached the score, and told us which soundfonts you are using and in which order. if they are standard GM soundfonts, everything should just work. Otherwise you need to go to View / Mixer and set the pizzicato channel for the violins to the proper sound.

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