Rest in Pick up Measure

• Oct 7, 2009 - 14:49

I have attached the quintet score with the example in question.
There is one beat in the pick up measure, a rest for most instruments. On the first trumpet part, however, it displays as a whole rest (incorrectly). The other parts display correctly as a quarter rest.
Trying different work arounds, I have changed that rest to a quarter note (which displayed correctly), but when I tried to change it back to a quarter rest, the whole rest appeared again.

Is there a fix or work around available?
While I am suspect someone could go into the file behind the scenes and fix it, I would like to know how to correct these myself.

Version 0.9.5 revision 2012 on Windows XP sp2

Thanks in advance for your support. I like this program.


MuseScore shows a whole measure rest in the offending pickup measure, which is wrong. Please select the wrong rest, press N to enter note edit mode, select 1/4 note duration and the rest symbol and press space to enter a rest. This will be a quarter rest replacing the wrong whole measure rest.

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Werner's method works for me in the latest nightly build but it doesn't seem to work with your score in 0.9.5. Another workaround:

  1. Click on the empty part of a correct pickup measure to select it
  2. Edit > Copy
  3. Select an incorrect pickup measure
  4. Edit > Paste

Neither of the workarounds posted previously worked for me.

I found I could get around this problem by doing the following, but be careful if you already have music entered in any part because it could muck up bars after. Be careful to save first and check it doesn't change actual duration for bars following! (This has happened to me!).

1. Right click on the pickup measure and select 'Measure properties'.
2. Increase the 'actual duration' ie if currently 2/4 increase to 3/4.
3. Change the whole bar rest to the duration of rest you want and anything else for the extra rest.
4. Right click on the pickup measure again and again select 'Measure properties'.
5. Decrease the 'actual duration' to what you want it to be.

Should now be right. Hope this helps.

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I use irregular measures to have a system return according to the lyrics, and in some such scores I use the "hide empty staves" ......

I agree that creating irregular measures is tricky ond often mess up futher measures.... And if in an irregular measure you get the right rests on an empty staff, this stave is no longer considered as empty, and doesn't hide.... (I use 9.6 2613)
Then be coutious to keep the rests in this measures as whole rests....
Sometimes I have been able to paste whole rests to put the things in order....and eventually hide this "empty staff"

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