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• Mar 25, 2020 - 23:36

Hey everyone,

Apparently this is the right place to post. My background is in folk music (mostly Irish, some American old-time, Italian, and other), so I decided to add some folk instruments! Attached is a .txt with xml data for a variety of instruments, many with additional tab options. A majority are Latin American (esp. Mexican) instruments (like the charango, huapanguera, bajo sexto, cajon [three kinds of cajon, actually], etc), plus a few European (Irish bouzouki, chitarra battente, bassetto, etc.), and an instrument indigenous to California, the clapper stick. These should help (hopefully) people arrange for mariachi ensembles, Irish groups, and so on. Some of the clefs might not be correct (maybe up or down an octave).

Hope you all enjoy!

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I had a closer look into your file and noticed a few things:

  • Your using musicXMLid tags like <musicXMLid>drum.tamburello</musicXMLid> but doesn't have all of them (it does have drum.bodhran, drum.tamborita, pluck.chitarra-battente, pluck.huapanguera, pluck.guitar.requinto, pluck.charango, pluck.vihuela though. It also has drum.pandero, drum.cajon, wood.bones, pluck.bass.guitarron, pluck.bajo, pluck.jarana-huasteca, pluck.jarana-jarocha, which might be close enough for your`s). I don't think you can or should just 'invent' them, but should use existing ones. Or get the standard's body to add them. Else MusicXML im- and export of those is not going to work properly.
  • for some stringed instruments you list a number of frets and the string tuning, but the resulting amateur and professional ranges don't seem to match, the upper limit should be the highest string's pitch + the number of frets, shouldn't it?
  • for Bassetto you have <pPitchRange>43==50-72</pPitchRange>, does that really work? Looks like a typo to me, I guess the ==50 should get deleted.

Once those issues are sorted I think we should merge this into MuseScore's instruments.xml.

(attached unchanged but with the 'proper' extension)

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Thank you for the reply! I am not versed in music xml (and have only the faintest experience with coding of any kind), so that github link is super helpful. I didn't know what libraries the tags were referencing, I was just following what seemed to be a pattern with other instruments in the original file. ;)

I'll take another pass with with that reference in hand (and maybe add a handful more instruments) and upload them in this thread.

Thanks again! :)

Hey, I couldn't download the attachments as when I clicked on them they sent me to a new tab with all the text on my screen. I made a notepad file and pasted all of that in then made it into the .xml file and put that into the second instrument thing. The instruments appeared and everything but when I played them they just sounded like toms or cymbals. Is there any way to get the actual sounds?

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