Lyric display changes spontaneously (and not for the better!) in open program

• Mar 25, 2020 - 10:54

Lately, whenever Musescore sits around open for a few hours -- typically with a score open -- something happens that changes the display of lyrics. The font grows on the display or something. The lyrics are then smashed together, as in the screenshot "Fall (bad lyric spacing).png" below.

If I close and reopen Musescore, then reopen the same score, everything's back to normal (as in "Fall (good lyric spacing).png" below), but only for a while.


In order to investigate, we would need the actual score, not just a picture.

Although, one thing I can see is the size of the text has change - check the staff names too. I wonder if maybe monitor resolution changed somehow?

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Hmm. I feel like I could send you any score I have that has lyrics in it, because I've definitely seen the behavior across a number of them. But I do often start a new score from an old one, so there could be a lineage going on. I'll send you the next score it happens to (because I can't remember for sure at this moment what was a specific one it happened to).

For the record, I just tried several explicit changes of my screen resolution. None of them had any effect like the one you see in the screen shot. Mostly they just made everything a bit blurry -- but no change in spacing between the lyrics.

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