Is copying single notes from chords possible?

• Mar 24, 2020 - 17:57

I wanted to cut a few individual notes in the treble clef (of a grand staff) at the bottom of a sequence of large chords in order to paste them into the bass clef but I didn't manage to do that. Is that really not possible? If not, that would be a feature request.


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You can add temporary staves to receive the exploded notes.

Anyhow, you can copy a single note from a chord (note clicked individually), but not multiple notes (notes ctrl-clicked). A complication with any attempt to implement such a feature would be just deciding how it shoulD function in any case but the most trivial. Like, if you select notes from different staves voices or discontiguous chords/measures, what should happen? What should happen if there are already notes in the destination? And so on.

That said, we already have a partial answer to those questions. There is an existing feature to change the voice of selected notes. Internally, there is almost no difference between changing voice and changing staff. So it would be quite simple I think to implement a "change staff" command that worked the same way, if that was considered useful.

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The strange thing is, though you can change selected notes in chords simultaneously to another voice, after copying or cutting those notes you cannot past them. It simply doesn't work. That is definitely a feature worth having, e.g. for splitting piano parts in treble and bass clef. I guess the mentioned workarounds will have to do in the meantime.

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As mentioned, it works for single notes because it is clear what this should mean. It only doesn’t work for multiple notes because that is much less clear - the notes
might not be adjacent, in the same voice. or even on the same staff.

It not strange that operations other than paste works, because it’s clear what that should do on all cases.

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