• Mar 21, 2020 - 18:14

Dear Musescore
I really love and use your platform a lot, and therefore I wanted to make a suggestion to improve Musescore. It would be wonderful and so helpful if you could design a way to do collaboration work in a Musescorefil with other people. To create and edit in a fil at the same time, like in Google Docs. I hope you will consider this.

With best regards

Freja Amalie Broszka


This feature has been requested from time to time on these forums. The reason it hasn't been implemented that no one has taken on the task. Most of the people who work on MuseScore are unpaid volunteers who tend to work on the features that are most important to them. If you are a software developer or know a software developer who would like to volunteer to work on this feature, we would very much welcome the contribution.

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