Lost hours of work just because of a "Bad file descriptor" issue

• Mar 21, 2020 - 04:51

Last night I saved (using "Save as" since direct using "Save" gives bad file descriptor") the file with No. 46 incomplete. But now when I open the score, my No. 46 is gone and No. 45 incomplete.
IDK what caused a "Bad file descriptor" error since some days ago I restored factory settings.


You shouldn't be getting "bad file descriptor" errors on a normal save. This could possibly be a sign of a failing hard drive. Anyhow, not sure what you mean about 45 vs 46, I don't see any such numbering in the filename you attached? Saving versions using numbers would be a good idea, but I am not sure what you actually did here?

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OK, but then what isn't clear is, when he did "save as", what specific folder did he choose, what specific filename, and is this in fact the same file from the same folder as he saved? Actually, to me it's perfectly clear the answer is no to the latter part of that question. So the key to recovery will be, remembering which specific folder and which specific filename he did save to.

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I was just confirming the contents of his file.

A quick google seems to point to this error being more of a Linux thing. But yes, the question certainly how is he saving files. And what is causing the error on save. So you need to know what he's doing step by step.

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