Auto placement checkbox re-enabled after reopening the file

• Mar 20, 2020 - 23:39

I used the lines from the "lines" category of the palette for cross-stave notes, and I disabled automatic placement for them. However, when I open the file again, they are turned back to auto-placement enabled...
I know changing the score manually could lead to the lines being misplaced, but then the lines in this case are changed back to horizontal lines with that checkbox with a tick...


In order to understand and assist, we'd need you to attach the score you are having problems with (or a relevant excerpt, at least) and steps to reproduce the problem. Aside from whatever else is going on, my guess is you should probably be using the "note anchored line" from the Add menu rather than the generic line from the palette. The note anchored line is designed to connect notes and moves with them.

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