Guitar TAB not corresponding to notes

• Mar 19, 2020 - 21:39

The TAB numbering does not correspond to the notes in a chord. It jumbles and even reverses the order, so, for example, the top note on the stave appears as the bottom note on the TAB. You can shuffle the numbers by selecting and dragging them to the string that corresponds with the correct note, but this is long-winded. In the screen shot you can see other things happening. There is a red highlight on a note and one of the notes is missing on the TAB stave. It seemed to working fine before, so I must be doing something different when setting up a new page.


There isn't much we can tell from just a picture. But my guess is you have the wrong clef, or wrong transposition, set. In order for us to more than guess, please attach the actual score, or a relevant excerpt at least.

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