MuseScore 3.4.2 suddenly became extremely laggy & slow

• Mar 19, 2020 - 00:53

The application is so hell laggy - The playback cursor moves so slow, no matter what score (small & big) I open. Even when only Musescore is running it is still slow.
Any solutions?


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Should be precisely the opposite, we made enormous improvements to edit speed in 3.0 and especially 3.1. it should run circles around 2.3. If you have a specific score and precise series of steps to follow where we can see it being slower, please attach the score and provide details on how to reproduce that partiular problem

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Ah, sorry, "run circles around" is English slang - meaning, "be much faster than". Depending on the size of the score, MuseScore 3.4.2 should literally be at least 10, often 100 times faster than 2.3 in responding to edits. If there is some particular score for which this is not true, we'd need to see it in order to investigate, could be it has corruptions created in 2.3 (eg, tons of unnecessary duplicated slurs, that was a known bug fixed some time ago).

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Are you talking about playing or editing? Earlier you mentioned entering notes. Again, in order to understand, we’d need to see the specific score causing this problem, because in general it’s literally 10-100 times faster in MuseScore 3.

If you mean there is a delay beFore you can begin playback, that’s entirely dependent on the size of the soundfonts you have loaded, perhaps you have different ones between the two versions. But again, in order to help, we need the actual score and precise steps to reproduce this previously-unreported problem.

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Can you give us precise step by step instructions to reproduce the problem? It still isn't obvious if you are talking about playback or note input. Tell us, after loading the score, exactly what bnuttons/keys we should press in what order in order to see a problem. Here's what I tried:

1) load score
2) click first empty measure, top staff
3) press "N"
4) type "B"

Result: absolutely instant entry of note and playback.

In one of your posts you specifically mentioned MIDI. Are you perhaps routing your MIDI output to an external synthesizer? Or using a MIDI keyboard for input? Either way, check the drivers for your device to be sure they aren't adding additional latency. MuseScore 3 is a 64-bit program, and some older devices may provide only 32-bit drivers, which could potentially cause problems. MuseScore 1.3 was only 32-bit bit and might indeed have worked better with very old hardware.

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Whoops! I forgot. I used note input for entering notes. Here are the steps:
1. open musescore after downloading it (any version)
b. load score
2. hook up keyboard (USB or MIDI) (I'm using USB, because it's easier)
3. press N
4. make sure keyboard is responsive to the program
5. enter notes on staff using the keyboard
For me, like the author said, Musescore 3.4.2 is slow. I am using a MIDI keyboard for note entry for musescore 1.3

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Are you sure those are your exact steps? Normally you need to connect your keyboard before starting MuseScore for it to work at all. Does it improve if you connect the keyboard first? And is the response faster if you type the note on your computer keyboard? If all is well using your computer keyboard, that tells us your MIDI device driver is most likely to blame, probably the 64-bit version is bad but the 32-bit version good. You could try updating your driver, or download the 32-bit version of MuseScore. If the response seems slow even with the computer keybaord, that tells us the problem is somewhere else, like perhaps with the soundfont you are using. Or, are you also using MIDI output from MuseScore (a feature that didn't exist in 1.3, so that would be an apples-to-oranges comparison).

BTW, note the OP said nothing about note input or using a MIDI keyboard, so whatever unusual problem was going on with his system, it's almost certainly unrelated to whatever is going on with yours. Also, in his case, Help / Revert to Factory Settings apparently fixed it, so that's worth a shot for you too (especially if the issue is changes you may have made to your MIDI configuration).

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I assume by "upload", you mean to the score sharing website 1.3 is at this point more than five years old, I wouldn't expect it to continue to be supported. But feel free to ask over there on that site for confirmation, it's nothing any of us here would really know about.

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Actually, the OP had originally written:
"MuseScore 4.2.3 suddenly became extremely laggy & slow"
I replied that to get the current version 3.4.2 would require a 'downgrade'. … ;-)
(4.2.3 is in the future)

The OP then corrected the version number in the title of his original post and wrote:
"Oof, I wrote my version number wrong :P"

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