Why is the font so small???

• Mar 18, 2020 - 17:22
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I updated Musescore and when I opened it, the font was so small that I could not, and cannot, read it unless I hold my laptop a few inches from my face. It looks like it went to a size 5 font instead of the usual, readable 8-12 font size. The score itself is readable, but the menus for "file", "edit", and other important score edits are nearly impossible to see. Attached is a screenshot of a message from when I tried to close an extra score tab to better demonstrate the font size issue.

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If you go to Edit | Preferences and switch to the General tab, what is the value of the Font size setting in the Theme section?

Look like Windows is not communicating the font scaling the way MuseScore expects. There are different settings you make in Windows to control how it scales fonts (I assume your display is higher-than-normal resolution, like maybe 200 DPI or more). But since everything else seems good, frankly I'd just up te font size in Edit / Preferences / General. Set it to 20 pt or whatever it takes to make it readable. Either that, or you can do a bunch of trial and error with your display settings in Windows.

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I also have this issue but only when I extend to my #2 screen. If I make that monitor #1 it goes away and the font sized on the top bar goes huge. It seems to have something to do with dragging the workspace to the #2 monitor. My workaround has been to change #2 to #1 and then back again.