Telemetry Screen Freezing

• Mar 18, 2020 - 06:44

Whenever I open Musescore 3 ( I'm presently using version 2 to study Flamenco and Fado ), I can't seem to get any further than the telemetry yes / no screen. I can't even press the buttons, and they wont even do anything. I often have to restart the computer to clear the screen as well.


Any chance you are on linux?
If the top of the dialog seems shifted up (not the whole title is visible), then try pressing the buttons at the locations where the would've been if that contents wasn't shifted visually.

Otherwise press Esc to cancel out the dialog. This is the same as pressing the "I don't agree to send Telemetry" option. If you do wish to send telemetry data, then you can change this setting afterwards in the preferences.

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