How do I create an online group that is private?

• Mar 17, 2020 - 12:35


Mar 16, 17:39 CET

Nancy ( sent a message: Hello!

I teach music grades 1-5 and am wondering if it is possible to create a private online community for only my students and me. I am in Gunnison, Colorado, one of the hot spots in the nation for the Corona virus, so suddenly our school is closed and learning will be online very soon. We are currently on spring break so I have a few days to develop fun, creative options for my wonderful students.

I think musescore is brilliant and my students will love it. Can't wait to hear and see their compositions! Thank you for helping me learn about music composition sharing options with musescore. If there is no privacy available, I will be sure to tell my students and their parents.

Thanks for answering! N


Not the right place to ask such a question, there are no groups here on but only on

I'll try an answer anyhow:
You can create a group there under, hidden or public, and with membership open, moderated or invite only.
I guess you'd want it public and moderated (so potential members can find it and apply for membership, with you approving or not) or private and invite only (so you send out the invites and nobody else sees that group). You can allow the sharing of scores via that group, i.e. allow not just you, but also the group members to add scores to it.
If the members upload their scores as 'unlisted' these can still get share it with the group, only group members would get to see them.

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