new to musescore (help please) thanks

• Mar 16, 2020 - 13:03

hi there,
The sun is shining today. I was told by musescore to come here for help ,
im writing tabulature in musescore , now i need to get my tabulature from musescore into my desktop or wherever . i,e downloads or my documents ,, Im exporting it rather than save as (if i save as and save it to somewhere on my p.c when i open it it opens the whole program with my tab ive writen ) rather than just the page that has the tab ?? ) NOW instead ive tried exporting it , i have to do it as PDF as i want to have the tab available for my students ,, i also want to put the tab into my you tube videos ) now i know this is possible as others have told me they use musescore to add the tab to there video ,, (NOW THE PROBLEM) when i open the pdf file with my tab in it is in black and white (the background is black and the score or lines with the tan are white ,, And the tab numbers have a square round them that makes it almost unreadable ?? Is this something im doing wrong ?? I have made sure my wallpaper is a bright colour ,, but what i will say is all my DESKTOP icons are black ??could this be why i have a black background ?? there is no where i can find to change this in the settings ,, only the desktop colour i can change ,,,
I apologize for the long email , I just wanted to explain myself properly . I.m frustrated , i,ve been playing guitar 35 years , so i,m good on guitar but not so on technology (this is really holding me back as i need to teach as a hobby but cant even get a musescore tab for my students to read,,
VERY KIND REGARDS and thank you in advance for your help Jim

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im sorry if this post is on the forum 2 times , ive just read my mail from musescore and there link sent me to this forum (sorry(

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