Problem running MuseScore 3 using Windows 7

• Mar 14, 2020 - 17:37

I have downloaded and installed Musecore 2 and it works fine. I am running Windows 7 operating system. I have taken out trial membership and will be carrying on for the next full year. I am prompted on start up that there is a newer version of Musecore - Version 3. I downloaded this successfully and installed it. However, there is a run time error with Windows 7 when I try and start the programme. No problems with Version 2. Any help appreciated.


First, note that "trial membership" has nothing to do with actually running MuseScore on your computer - it's only about the score-sharing website

As for the error you get on Windows 7, realize that this OS is not supported anymore, not even by Microsoft. So it would definitely behoove you to update to something more modern ASAP. Meanwhile, though, there is no particular reason MuseScore shouldn't work. What is the error specifically? Could be your computer is also too old from a hardware perspective, maybe you need to try the 32-bit version?

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