globally change chord symbol size

• Mar 11, 2020 - 23:06

With Jazz font can't globally change chord symbol size . In the inspector I can individually do each symbol but there is no setting it globally .
Tried various ways using the S next to the font size but it either freezes or resets to 15.00pt Jazz
It seems you have to do each one individually ?
Also Style >chord symbols doesn't seem to have size ?!


As you have discovered, the "S" button (short for "Set as style", as you can see if you hover the mouse over it) will take any setting and make it the style default. And that's often the easiest way. Also, the issue you are seeing where trying to change the font size in the Inspector resets itself - that happens only if you try to make the change while still editing the text. Make the change after entry is complete and then it sticks. That's a bug fixed for the next release.

But for the record, font size is part of what is called the "text style" (along with font family, alignment, italic/bold, etc). All the different text style - chord symbols,. titles, staff text, dynamics, etc - are collected int he "text style" section of the main Style dialog. This allows them all to use the same controls. The separate chord symbol section is for the style settings that are unique to chord symbols - those not part of the "text style".

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