Is there a workaround to present pitched and unpitched percussions on the same staff in the same system?

• Mar 11, 2020 - 07:04

This is a recurring problem for me when writing for percussions.
Sometimes the player is required to switch between pitched and unpitched percussions.
I tried separating the instruments and playing around with the staff-hiding functionality.
However, I have yet to find a successful way to juxtapose these two kinds of instruments (on the same staff and in the same system) without redundant staves floating around.

I also tried to just hide one of them and fake the other by using unplayed notes.
However, there seems to be no way to add a clef-changing notation between pitched/unpitched instruments.
AFAIK, Musescore forbids users from adding one to avoid crashes. But the notation IS necessary for the readers to understand the score.
Is adding from the master palette and manually fix all the formatting issues the only way to work around this?


Currently this is not supported, it's something we hope to add in the near future though. If I needed to make the switch mid-system, I might resort to actually making the change at system boundaries so I can use hidden staves within systems, then just manually change any noteheads to appear unpitched where needed. A third completely invisible staff for playback only could be used if desired.

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