Key shortcut on Mac.

• Mar 11, 2020 - 04:48

I have a recurrent problem with using shortcut on my Mac (Musescore 3.x)
I think this is caused by Musescore using QT engine and some shortcut are "broken" or "stolen" by another application.
Usually - my shortcuts (which I'm 100% sure are configured correctly in menu) - are ALL working directly after Mac is rebooted. After certain time (I'm rebooting quire rarely) - several shortcuts stop working. Most of the time Slur (S), Switch to/from enter notes (N) and some notes (F,B, etc) are not working.
This might be also related to menu language which I use (mostly: Ukrainian, sometime switch to English)

Can someone let me know if you experience similar problem and/or have a solution (except rebooting the Mac) to solve the issue?


Similar problem here.
I use Zhuyin Keyboard to enter Chinese (Traditional). Whenever I accidentally attempt to use it for shortcuts, the shortcuts are disabled. The only way to re-activate them for me is to restart Musescore.

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