D.S. is disturbed in case of using flag "play repeats"

• Mar 8, 2020 - 14:29

In this score I use a D.S. in measure 40. I want to have the repeat played the 2nd time, too, so I activated the flag "play repeats".
When doing so, the playback ignores the "to coda" from a later "D.S. al coda" in measure 36. If I don't activate the flag, everything works fine.

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The roadmap doesn't really make sense to me, multiple DS's to same segno, one with a to coda one without, also a repeat on the same bar as one of the DS's - I'm not surprise MuseScore has trouble sorting it out too. I'd recommend finding a way to simplify it, not just for MuseScore's sake, but for the sake of anyone reading it.

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