Feature requests (some might be considered bugs)

• Mar 8, 2020 - 05:12

Just a bunch of annoying things I find while creating scores:

  1. If I copy a whole bunch of bars, System text and rehearsal marks should be copied as well

  2. If I copy a whole bar, I should be able to select either another bar or the whole note rest in the bar and pasting should still work (if the duration of what is copied is equal to duration of what is selected, paste should always work). [EDIT: THIS SEEMS TO WORK. NOT SURE WHAT I WAS DOING WRONG, MAYBE COPYING SOMETHING SPECIFIC WASN'T WORKING]

  3. If I copy a "Repeat measure sign" (rather than copying the measure it's in), I should be able to select a measure and paste, currently I have to select the rest within the measure and then paste. Pasting should always work and either replace the selected item or the bar, regardless of what you copied. If the copied items/notes are longer than 1 bar and you have selected a bar, it could either only paste one bar's worth, or paste them all and have them spill over into the next bar, either is fine. NOTE that if I copy a measure containing a Repeat measure sign, I can then select a rest somewhere and paste the measure, but the reverse does not work.

  4. There should be a Paste special > "additive paste" or "non-destructive paste" option so that I can copy notes and paste them "on top of" other notes non-destructively to create chords. I don't always want to switch voices e.g. if I'm just giving a player two different options to play, I want them in the same voice, or if I'm creating chords they should all be in the same voice

  5. If I delete notes, there should be an option that the resulting rests be the simplest form possible e.g. if I delete two quarter notes it should replace them with a half-note rest, if this option is enabled

  6. If I select some sequential notes or rests, there should be a right-click "Combine" option to combine them all into the simplest form, e.g. combine a bunch of rests into a whole note rest, combine a 4 quarter notes into a whole note.

  7. When moving one note with the arrow keys, sound is played indicating what the note sounds like as it moves. If I select a bunch of notes or a whole bar and move them with the arrow keys, sound should be played indicating what the first note in the selected notes would sound like: that is better than nothing. Or have an option to play them all every time they're moved, or maybe the first 2 or 3

  8. If I drag a note with the mouse, there should be sound indicating what the note sounds like. Sometimes it's nice to have the audible cue that it's the right note. This could be an option that can be disabled for those who find it annoying.

  9. If I have a bar line selected and I double-click "System text" it should just attach it to the first note or rest in the bar after the bar line

  10. If I have a rehearsal mark selected and I double-click System text or Staff text, it should insert them at the same note as the rehearsal mark. Same goes if I have System text or Staff text selected and I double click something else. In general it should be a little more "smart" about putting things in the next available spot, like if I have System text selected and I hit B, it inserts a B note where I would expect, other things should work the same way

  11. If I copy a note, select another note, and press Ctrl-V repeatedly, it should keep pasting the same note one after the other, and overwrite whatever is there

  12. If I have a dynamic selected in the score and I double-click a different dynamic in the palette, it should replace the existing one with the one I double-clicked, not add another one on top of it

  13. If I copy one bar, then select a bunch of bars and hit paste, it should fill all selected bars with the one bar I copied. Could work with multiple bars as well, e.g. if I copy 3 bars, then select 9 bars and hit paste, it would paste the 3 bars, 3 times. If the numbers don't add up, just fill the selected bars. E.g. if I copy 3 bars, select 8 bars and press paste, then it would fill the first 3 bars with the 3 I copied, the next 3 with the 3 I copied, and the last 2 with the first 2 of the 3 I copied

  14. If I select a rehearsal mark and hit the space bar to start playback, it should start playing at that rehearsal mark. Same for barlines, system text etc. Playback should always start at the currently selected item

  15. I should be able to drag notes in Drumset staff up and down with the mouse, like in other staffs to change what the note is (to a different drum)

  16. When I have a note/bar selected in the Drumset staff and I hit a keyboard key like B for bass drum or A for snare, it does not insert the correct note, it inserts the last note I used (I think). Does not do what is expected

  17. When I select several notes and either change them to a different time (e.g. change a 1/4 note to an 1/8th note) or add or remove a dot, those notes should remain selected, so I can do other things to them without having to select them all again. For example I should be able to select a bunch of notes, change them to 1/8th notes and add a dot, without having to reselect them. Notes should always stay selected after anything that changes them

  18. When I transpose a score with a bunch of parts, they key signature doesn't seem to change properly in all the parts. If I delete the parts and recreate them, they're OK

If any of these are in fact possible via existing functionality feel free to let me know!



Hello! Thanks for your reports. Generally, though, it's better to post separate reports for separate issues, otherwise it becomes almost impossible to follow the discussion. Some of these are easy enough to deal with, though, so I'll try to address them point by point for now.

1) That's deliberate, after all in most cases it won't make sense (copying from one staff to another, for example, or bar 1 to anywhere else). But for the cases where it does, indeed it would be nice to have such a feature. It's a common enough request, no doubt it will be added at some point.

2) indeed, pasting should always work, doesn't matter what the duration of the destination is actually

3) not sure what you mean, copying a measure with repeat works fine for me. If you have a specific score and series of steps that isn't working, please start a new thread and attach the score and give the steps so we can investigate.

4) see "Tools / Implode" (in Handbook under "Tools")

5) when deleting a range selection this is already true. when deleting notes individually it is often not what is desired. but in the cases where it is, see Tools / Regroup Rhythms

6) see Tools / Regroup Rhythms

7) feel free to submit this as a Suggestion to the issue tracker. not a fan of the idea myself, but if enough others support it, you never know

8) mouse dragging is not normally meant for pitch change but rather for manual adjustment to position. but it is true we currently support it for changing pitch also. i'm not particularly a fan of that either, but agree it should probably behave similarly to the arrow keys

9) I'm also not a fan of MuseScore lying. if we don't support text on barlines, i'd rather we don't try to second-guess you and put the text elsewhere. more to the point to me would be to wonder why we don't support rext on barlines

10) I would think most people would expect text to replace existing text when added that way, that's a more common request, and is actually likely to be implemented soon

11) this is what the "R" command does, I don't think it makes sense for Ctrl+V to do something other than the standard paste operation, which by definition pastes at the selected location, and should normally leave the the pasted element(s) selected

12) see 10)

13) worth submitting as a separate Suggestion to the issue tracker

14) already implemented for a future release

15) worth submitting as a separate Suggestion to the issue tracker

16) I'm not understanding this, it works as expected for me. If you have a specific score and series of steps that isn't working, please start a new thread and attach the score and give the steps so we can investigate.

17) seems I recall some earlier discussion about why this might not make sense, but I can't remember the details. or maybe I'm confusing it with something else. on the surface it does make sense to me though

18) I suspect you are seeing #286058: Changing Key Signature in Main Score (Via Transposition) Does Not Result in Changed Key Signature in Part for which I made a tentative fix a while back but it hasn't made it in yet

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