Keyboard shortcuts for adding expression markings and octave up/down?

• Mar 4, 2020 - 13:57

Hello! Wondering what is the keyboard shortcut for adding expression markings (like "p" or "fff") and also octave up/down? I can't find this setting in the keyboard shortcuts menu. thanks!


"p" and "fff" are considered dynamic markings, not expression. There is no specific shortcut for them, but you can use Ctrl+F9 to jump to the palette search, type the dynamic you want, and apply it by browsing tp it and hitting Enter. Unfortunately, typing "p" will result in many hits. So you can if you like customize the properties of those cells to be something like "d:p", "d:fff" so you can search that way and get unique results. Someday we do hope to support keyboard shortcuts for palette items more directly.

For the record, though, the shortcut for true expression text is Ctrl+E.

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