Fretboard diagram: X over barre not possible anymore

• Mar 1, 2020 - 20:21

With a previous version of MuseScore (don't know exactly which one) I had created this chord diagram:

Using the current editor I am not able to create this diagram: the barre is removed as soon as I hit X over the 1st string. This is obvious because the first click actually puts a '0' mark at first (I have to click again to turn the 0 to an X).

The underlying structure is still capable of representing the diagram, and an undoing brings back to the initial form.

Anyone else thinks that this form should be supported? Isn't is awkward anyway that 'X' puts '0'? Shouldn't we have a dedicated '0' button? Thanks, ciao!


I noticed that it's not even required to select the 'X' button: clicking over a string cycles between X, 0 and empty regardless of the "tool" selected in the Inspector (by the way there are 4 buttons resembling a PlayStation controller's buttons... what are the square and the triangle for???)

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