Customized templates not loading properly

• Feb 27, 2020 - 08:46

Hello everyone!

I've been trying to streamline my process to make transcription easier and have a consistently formatted database of charts. I created a template and put it into the template folder.
When I create a new file and choose that template, I loose a lot of information: breaks are not there anymore, rehearsal markings disappear and such. I've tried compressed and non compressed files for the template but to no use.

Am I missing something? is it just impossible to save certain informations in templates??

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Templates do not retain the score contents (which indeed includes layout breaks, are those are supposed to be content dependent) when creating a score based off of them.

They retain: page settings, style settings, instrument settings.

EDIT: in your scenario it seems like a plain score (made read only in your OS) to open and then use "Save As.." would solve your desire.

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many jazz and pop songs follow extremely similar structures. I'm trying to expedite the process by creating templates that can be adapted to the situation with minimal effort, with already formatted marks and so on. Thank you again for your kind response

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