"batch removal" of articulations

• Feb 25, 2020 - 21:59

I would like to see a feature for "batch removal" of articulations in the sense that you can – analogous to how you produce articulations – mark all concerning notes/bars and double click on the respective articulation symbol in the palette to remove them. Or alternatively a "remove all articulations" button in the articulations palette.

This would be, especially in larger orchestral scores, much quicker than the only way I know of now, via right-click -> select -> more ....


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I'm working on an orchestral score at the moment and it came up a couple of times in the last days. Especially yesterday (repeatedly) when I wanted to try out different articulation variants for a passage that concerned all string instruments over several bars.

So, here is the thing: If I would only change the articulation in the strings, decide and be done, I could always just undo and try a different option, undo again until satisfied. But as soon as I do things in the other instruments of the score and want to afterwards change the strings articulations I just have the choice between

1: undo repeatedly but lose all other changes (=this is no option)
2: Go the way I described above which is cumbersome

And this is real. Imagine I decide to do staccato articulations in the strings, then after completing the woodwind parts I find that I may not really like it with the continous staccato in the strings. So I have to remove those dots on all strings for all bars, audition, try maybe tenuto on most and staccato only on some notes. Right now I can still undo but as soon as I work on, say, the horns in the meantime and want to change the strings again to audition and review it, it's no longer possible.

I would like to have a quick and easy way as described in my inital posting.

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The way I do this is to save different versions of the score as I audition changes. If I make a change that I later decide was unwise, I can copy and paste from a previous version while keeping other changes that were satisfactory. I often end up with a dozen or so versions. I keep these as my ideas may change again when I hear the results with a real band.

The hard part, though, is selecting which notes you want to toggle them on. The toggling itself is already trivial. So I'm not understanding how you would proposing improving the selection process for the notes you to apply this to.

BTW, if the goal is just to experiment with playback effect, better to just toggle the "Play" property in the Inspector.

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Is it a toggle, though? I thought the original poster's (OP)'s issue was that you can't 'toggle off' a selection of articulations the way you can bulk-apply them. That's certainly my issue. I thought the OP put a good use case. Storing multiple pending versions is most certainly a workaround with a heavy book-keeping burden.

I tried selecting just articulations using the selection filter after selecting the note range, and to delete just those, but it doesn't seem to be working. I'm only visiting MuseScore again recently though.

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The common articulation commands are toggles - Shift+S, Shift+N, Shift+V, and Shft+O will add or or remove the corresponding articulations (staccato, tenuto, sforzato, marcato). Only the less-common ones require use of the palette. But even so, as noted, iif you've selected the articulations, Delete removes them, so it's really about the selection more than the toggle. In the common case where you'd want to select all of a given articulation within a range, the right-click menu does that simply. So does clicking the first, Shift+clicking the last.

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