Erratic behavior of the Tab cursor according the layout

• Aug 20, 2014 - 13:00
Graphical (UI)

Nigthly, August 20 (cd74c4f) / Windows7

I reassure everyone! This question is apparently former. I tested several Nightlies in August, July, and until May 19 (I do not have any earlier!), and the issue is the same.

To see this, you really have to be vigilant, and monitor the behavior of the cursor on each note, especially when the layout "moves". This is the key of this issue.


1) Create a score with tab staff (important: 4/4, 32 measures)
2) Note entry mode
3) On the top string, Press 1 -> Right Arrow, x times.

Continue in the same way. During the first four measures, all is well, the cursor remains on the note you just entered.
1 Ok.jpg

But from the fifth measure, the layout changes, and a third system appears. The issue starts here, "quietly".
2 tab curs.jpg

But it is even more apparent when new measures appear on the third system, etc. etc. I give you some other examples as attachments.
3 tab curs.jpg
4 tab curs.jpg
5 tab curs.jpg

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