cymbal choking during playback

• Feb 21, 2020 - 19:19

I'm trying to choke a cymbal during playback for a song I'm working on.
I've tried doing mamy things but none of them seem to work.
If someone has a solution please let me know.


The marching band cymbals have some choked sounds in the default soundfont. So my workaround (see attachment) is to add Cymbals as a new instrument, and add Normal Tap-Choke notes (assigned to the G key by default. MIDI #83) in the places where I need the choked sound:
Hide that instrument. Mute the crash notes in the regular drum track that are supposed to be choked by un-ticking Play in the Inspector. For notation, I use parentheses (from the Accidentals pallette), move it to the right, and delete the left one.

Limitations: Fixed length. Doesn't stop previous notes from ringing out. Doesn't sound like the regular drumset cymbals. Only 1-2 usable sounds. No playback when selecting Play part only in the drums part.

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