Where is the French Horn?

• Feb 20, 2020 - 18:17

I am taking the Mastering MuseScore Course and a section shows the teacher adding a French Horn to the score but when I search the instruments I find there is no French Horn. Does anyone know how to add the French Horn? And are there other additions or features I can add and how do I find them?


It's not technically called French Horn but rather just "Horn in F". You can always rename it to say French Horn if you like, just right-click the staff and choose Staff Properties. But "Horn in F" is the standard way it is shown in scores.

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If the OPs background is more in band, then his question is legitimate. "Horn" would tell him little because there is Alto Horn, and Baritone Horn. He would need to have the "French" part to know just what type of horn we are talking about. Perhaps the person doing the lesson should have used Horn in F. Although where I come from French horn is much more common. And refers to only one instrument. Horn if F, less precise.

Look online for French Horn Soundfonts. Add them into MuseScore by clicking View->Synthesizer->Fluid->Add. Make sure you have the path for your French Horn soundfont specified in Edit->Preferences. Click the little microphone next to the soundfonts path and then add the path for your soundfont.
As for adding a French Horn with the soundfont that comes with MuseScore, you'll simply rename "Horn in F" as "French Horn". Right-click on the name of the instrument in the score and change the name. These instruments are virtually identical, with identical ranges. You can change the ranges, but you aren't going to change the sound if that's what you're after. You're better off finding a dedicated French Horn soundfont that is to your liking.

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