Single Note Dynamics: Decrescendo doesn't work on tied notes in sub-banks.

• Feb 20, 2020 - 14:11
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S4 - Minor

Decrescendo doesn't work on tied notes in sub-banks.
Decrescendo becomes functional only when the tie attached to it is deleted.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Extract the zip file to a folder
  2. Copy the soundfont (SND-subBankTest-musescore.sf2) to the user's soundfont directory. (Since all presets are linked to the same instrument, they have exactly the same settings.)
  3. Open the score (SND-subBank-Test.mscz) and click the "Load From Score" button on the synthesizer. (*1)
  4. Play:
  5. Watch the synthesizer's dB indicator while the score is playing (you can also hear the effect while listening). //There are titles in the relevant sections of the related score.

Tested with:

  • The current release :, revision: 148e43f
  • The latest development build at the moment:, revision: 6631fee

OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64,
MuseScore: version (64-bit):

*1 : Dynamics settings: Default, Default, Non-Expressive.

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Confirmed. This is a very odd and specific bug... it may take me a while to figure this one out. This doesn't happen with the default soundfont, in the cases when we use what I think are sub-banks, i.e. muted trumpet. Maybe your soundfont is configured incorrectly? I don't know.

See the first post: Since all presets are linked to the same instrument, they have exactly the same settings
That is, if it works in bank 0, it should work in others, because it points to the same instrument.
And if it was configured incorrectly, it shouldn't work when the ties were deleted.

To accomplish this with the default standard soundfone of the Musescore software:

  1. Create a new score
  2. Select "Violins" from the instrument list
  3. Complete the remaining operations and see the score on the screen.
  4. Create the score in the picture below; // see pic-1


  5. Place and adjust staff-text elements "pizz" and "trem". // see pic-2


  6. Go to the mixer and replace all the sub-elements of the sound (for the main sound, pizz and trem) with the "Violins Fast Expr" sound (this ensures that all sounds are connected to the same sound and have an expressive feature) // see pic-3


  7. Play the score.

Result: Although all sub-banks show the same sound, single note dynamics did not work in the areas where we placed pizz and trem.
Delete ties in "pizz" and "trem" sections, play the score.
Result: single note dynamics worked.

Add ties again, play the score.
Result: single note dynamics worked (!)

Save score, close and reopen
Play the score.
Result: single note dynamics didn't work again.

The test score is attached.

After loading the score, use the "Load from score" button if your settings are different or you are using a different soundfont. This loads the standard soundfont and ensures that the settings are the same as the test settings.

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