Implement a "Propagate chord symbols to all parts" function.

• Feb 18, 2020 - 22:00

I would find an a "Propagate chord symbols to all parts" function very useful. It could be in the parts menu or ....?


The current workaround is to copy-paste them across to the other instruments; then mark them invisible where appropriate in the full score.

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I imagine it should be easy enough for someone to create plugin that literally copies all chord symbols from one staff to all others. Or lets you select which - it's not particularly common to reproduce chord symbols in literally all parts. If the plugin framework is missing some functionality that would be needed, that seems like it would be something that should be addressed. I could imagine the same plugin also being useful for dynamics, perhaps other markings too.

The idea of a "system" property for chord symbols so they don't need to appear on all staves in order to appear on the parts has indeed been discussed but has some technical issues that would need to be solved (dealing with transposition, hide empty staves, etc).

System-level chords would be really neat. I often want to have chords on top of the system. Putting them in the topmost instrument breaks as soon as I hide staves, rearrange the order, or want to include the chords in other parts.
My idea was to have a dedicated "harmony" instrument track, with only chord symbols. As it turns out, with a few tweaks, it already seems to work surprisingly well:
Settings: In Staff/Parts properties: Lines = 1. ☑️Small staff. ☑️Invisible staff lines.
Then, open Advanced Style Properties and untick everything.

Notice that the topmost track changes with the page break. The chords are dynamically propagated to both the piano & ukulele parts. This will probably also work nicely with chord symbol playback; e.g. if I want to hear the harmony while viewing a part, always with a piano sound.

Biggest drawbacks/annoyances of this workaround I've noticed in 10min of playing around with it:
* Obviously doesn't handle transposition
* Having to hide the rests again when creating new measures, or for multi-measure rests in parts.
(Maybe add an option to hide rests in Advanced style properties? But then, see next point:)
* Entering new chords or copying sections is finnicky - requires clicking on the tiny, hidden rests.
* Need to adjust style settings for chord symbols, rehearsal marks, and possibly other system-level text. (Adjust position. Untick Follow staff size.)
* Having to manually add the chord track to parts.
(Being able to do this automatically by just ticking a box for each part would be much easier.)
* Now that the part contains more than 1 instrument, the name gets displayed next to the staff, unnecessarily. At least I could delete them in the part, while keeping them in the ensemble score.
* Probably not as space-efficient?
* A high note under a chord symbol pushes up all the chord symbols, not just the one above. Not terrible, though - I actually like the consistent height.

I do a little workaround like this.

  1. I create an empty "Instrument" and add the chords in the correct place [Pic 1].
  2. I select all/copy that into a real instrument track like Piano [Pic 2]. This places the chords in the right place.
  3. I can then copy and paste the notes, or notes and lyrics [Pic 3], from a previous score or another instrument I've already noted.
  4. Or, I can just add notes as normal in the new chorded part [Pic 4, Pic 5].
  5. If I'm handing out or publishing, I can delete the "Chord" part, but I usually just keep it just in case [Pic 6].
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