courtesy accidentals plug-in -> doesn't add any

• Feb 18, 2020 - 19:59

Hi all,

I am using Musescore:
OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 148e43f
and have installed the plug-in at
Removing courtesy accidentals is the only function that works, the other 2 (add and config) don't appear to do anything. At one point I managed to get restore accidentals only, but no other ones; and I couldn't replicate it.
Does anyone know what the deal is? As there is no user text supplied I have tried all sorts of things from selecting measures to selecting nothing, but just cannot get it to work. Any and all ideas are appreciated.



Works fine for me. Be sure to have the MuseScore 3 version of the plugin. And be sure to have either nothing selected, or the range you want to apply to. If you continue to have trouble, maybe at your score and tell us what if anything you have selected.

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Hi Marc,
I've made sure to have the MuseScore 3 version, and copied the 3 qml files into C:\Program Files\MuseScore 3\plugins\courtesyAccidentals-master. The plug-in manager finds them just fine, and they appear on the menu too.
I've added a file (Portuguese title because it's for 7-string guitar players...) with erpeggio studies that I made, and put the courtesy accidentals in the score manually where I would like them (in parentheses). You will see that removing them works as expected. But I can't seem to get anything back in... neither what I had nor any other kind.

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I realize that my courtesy symbols all start in the same measure, which is perhaps unusual (but hey, there's a configure option...). Also I can get a result by choosing 'to the end of the score', just not the result I was looking for. So perhaps it's just a matter of requirements or intended behaviour..

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So you specifically mean the ones like the second Eb2 in measure 7? Indeed, that's a non-standard (but no unheard of obviously) usage. Did you try the dodecaphonic option? That would work, although maybe it's overkill. As far as I know, to repeat accidentals within a bar but not add them where not otherwise called for is something you'd need to decide on manually.

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