Trouble with dynamic markings

• Feb 18, 2020 - 15:07

I am having trouble with placing a crescendo between two dynamic markings...all within one measure. The crescendo marking will not shrink down to fit between the 'P' and the "mf" at measures 47-49. I have indicated at measure 47 what the dynamics are and at measure 48 is how it appears. If I shrink it down, I cannot move it back to the correct will default to what you see in measure 48.
Can someone help me?
I hate wasting my valuable time picking at a couple of measures.

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The problem seems to be that you have dragged the handle to force the crescendo to be a different size and position than what it should be given its actual start and end point. Click it and press Ctrl+R to remove those custom settings. Then you can click the right handle and use Shift+Left or Shift+Right normally to change the end point as you like. Looks like you've also manually adjusted the dynamics, not really a good idea because they aren't aligned at all. Best to reset those too. If you want your dynamics closer to the staff, just adjust one - preferably using the arrow keys or Inspector as opposed to dragging, which is very imprecise - then hit the "Set st style" button in the Inspector to make all dynamics have the same default.

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So in a new score, I enter a dotted half note followed by an eighth note. I select the dotted half and select "p". I select the eighth and select "mf". Then I select the dotted half and select the cresc hairpin. And the result is attached. I don't remember this happening before. MS 3.4.2 Is this what is supposed to happen? I didn't drag anything. Just straight input.

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If you didn’t specifically tell MuseScore how long the crescendo is supposed to be - by making range selection before clicking the palette or using the shortcut - then yes, MuseScore has to guess how long you want the hairpin to be. So if you for instance just click the note rather than making a range selection, or drag & drop rather than click the palette or use the shortcut, MuseScore has to guess, and always guesses it will go to the end of the measure. You’d then need to use Shift+Left to change the end point. This is the same as any previous version.

I can verify that this happens on my system, also. W10, MSv 3.4.2. Even when I recreate those measures in a different score. This might be MuseScore and not you. We'll see.

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