Stretch Layout Help

• Feb 18, 2020 - 03:47

It really bums me out that Stretch Layout has its limits. I hate it when I can't shrink a measure enough that I can't keep it from occupying one whole line, even though it technically shouldn't have to. Does anyone have any tips on how to shrink a measure further after the Stretch Layout feature has done all it can? I'd really appreciate an answer ASAP. Thanks in advance.


or in addition to the above, go through all the style properties related to minimum note-to-note/barline/whatever distances and lessen those.

Yes, it can be really stupid when a program obeys the style settings you gave it...

As suggested above, there are many settings that control the size of your music, and MuseScore gives you control over all of them, so you can decide for yourself what you are willing to sacrifice to get more to fit. If you're having trouble deciding, feel free to attach your score and describe what you want to change, and we can advise better.

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