How I can translate a website?

• Feb 15, 2020 - 21:26

how I can translate a polish website (interface)?


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In my opinion - the polish website may be in English. Even in Klingon.
The account has been deleted. So, Musescore BVBA violation of the EU law, because this profile is still available, with all subscribtions, comments, etc. ( The second profile's comments are also available.
Do you keep a personal data?
Any more suggestions?
Oh, I forgot - Yes, you can delete/lock/kick into space all "my" accounts.

Bye 👋

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The accounts "Gootector" and "[DELETED] 32744082" have been deleted (by you I guess?) on, but apparently not on the latter has changed its name though I guess. No idea what's going on there, in the past I'be seen those having changed to "Anonymous", but lately these "[Deleted] nnnnnn" accounts seem to happen instead, something for the site admins to check.

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