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MY D.C. AL CODA is not working

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MuseScore works like this : you go until you want to re-begin somewhere : use D.S or D.C or D.S.al coda or D.S.al fine . Where you re-bebing on top : use SEGNO in the palette (circle with dollar) or nothing if D.C.
for the CODA where you want to stop the 2nd lecture : TO CODA and the Coda at the bottom : The coda picture circle with +
But , if you want your more personnal pieces, each of these signs I give you, you can make them invisible (V) and you can write what you want, like the ségno dollar , or the coda circle +, or the world CODA, etc, in using stave text or using the symbols in the palett. For exemple for the "To Coda" , if you don't like it, you are obliged to put it, but , you make it invible , and , at the same place, you put a "coda symbol" cirle + that you find in the symbols etc........

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"To Coda" is the usual way to indicate the jump to the coda, so that is the symbol that MuseScore has pre-programmed to have that effect. But a few publishers do use the coda sign itself to mean that. It's not as clear to the reader, but in some worlds - jazz fakebooks, for examples - it's common enough to be expected. So, you can either add the "To Coda" text and then edit it to add the coda symbol via the Special Characters diaklog that appears when you press F2, or add the Coda symbol but modify its playback properties via the settings in the Inspector so it works the way "To Coda" does by default. When you're done, you can then Ctrl+Shift+Drag the customized symbol back to the palette for future reuse.

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It can just be quite confusing to see 2 Coda symbols in the palette, where one is a real Coda and the other is a To Coda, there's no way to tell them apart, not from just looking at them in the palette.
What is strange about the "To Coda" though is its English spelling. Should rather be Italian, "Al Coda", as the others.

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