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• Feb 14, 2020 - 11:00

Hello, since which update I can´t quit / deselect a selected bar with only one ciick anywhere in the score?

Now it´s somekind of doubleclick thing?

Can this be adjusted somewhere in the menue because it´s pretty uncommon and annoying like if the bar clings to my hand like a sticky thing that won´t fall off.


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This implies they changed it? A couple of days it worked more intuitive... if they know how far away ESC is from the mainly used shortcut / keys?

Wonder which hero voted to change this. More and more feels like a toy instead of a professional"" CAD

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So what ist it then? If i marked a bar ... maybe by mistake, and want to grab a note or a bunch of notes at this time at once , I can´t do so anymore since I can´t properly deselect the bar.

This is as odd as new to me and I don´t think it´s because of my keyboard / mouse.

Before you could click on anything in the program and the selection was canceled. Yes I know, how often I sweared because I collected a bunch of selections and accidently lost them due to a wrong click anywhere on the map. But now selection is to persistent. I often strg+R a bar and in the next step only needed one chord out of it. A thing within seconds is now a minute of anger.

To be clear: it wasn't a deliberate change, but an accident. The issue is triggered if, instead of just clicking/tapping, you actually initiate a small drag. So if you find Esc too far away (for me, I use it so many hundreds of times a day in virtually every program I use, it's second nature), just be a little more careful when clicking to deselect. I suspect different devices are more sensitive to this than others. Most of the small handful of people who reported the problem were on Mac but I see you are on Windows. I can reproduce on my Surface Pro but I kind of have to go out of my way to do it drag. I wonder if your mouse/touchpad/pointing device is a little more sensitive than most?

In any case, as mentioned, issue is now understood and fixed for the next release.

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