"Span to next staff" feature enabled itself; got worse while adding staff spacers

• Feb 13, 2020 - 00:47

MuseScore, Windows 10
Although I didn't notice it initially, "Span to next staff" was somehow enabled in earlier, less complete versions of this score, although not consistently.
With the attached Rev07 score about 99% complete, I was adding staff spacers in a few places where the staves were a bit too close together.
1. Select a measure and add a "up-pointing" staff spacer from the palette. (I believe I was at measure 81 when this happened, although not certain.)
2. Clicking on the "up-pointing" staff spacer caused a number of "Span to next staff" events to happen. An icon for the up-pointing spacer appeared, but clicking on it would not select it.
3. The problem is not consistently repeatable.
I can "Select all similar elements" and delete the spans by un-selecting "Span to next staff" in the Inspector, but this also removes the spans at the beginning of each system which is not desired.
I can "Select all similar elements" and press delete. Sometimes this has no effect at all, and sometimes it deletes the spacer that was initially selected, but nothing more than that.
Although not noticed at the time, even the older Rev00 version of the score had "Span to next staff" enabled in places, even though I did not select it.
The score was created as a "New Score" and not from a template.
Any help appreciated.


Are you talking about the barline property by that name? Which specific barline do you think has it set inappropriately? This would normally be set automatically when you extend barlines by dragging the handle in edit mode. If you are sure you never did that, we'd need precise steps to reproduce a problem - show a barline that is not currently spanned, and steps to follow that will cause it to be.

If there are existing spans you'd like to clear, try the reset button instead of unchecking the box. Then the initial barline won't be affected - it knows its proper default.

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Marc, thanks for replying. I don't have access to the score right now, but here's what I can tell you-
Yes, I'm talking about the barline property of that name "Span to next staff" that extends the barline down to connect to the stave below.
All of the barlines that show this feature are not desired by me at this time.
I didn't drag any of them like this, or enable the feature in Inspector; apparently it did it on its own...
Regarding "reset button", are you referring to the circle-looking icon in Inspector (going by memory here...)?
There seem to be two aspects to this problem-
1. The feature enabled itself (somewhat inconsistently) at some point early in the creation of the score.
2. The other aspect is (as described in my OP) when a up-spacer was selected in the Palette, the spacer appeared at the selected measure; at that moment a number of measures engaged the Span to next staff feature; and the newly-created up-spacer could not be selected.
When I attempted to repeat it, the results were not consistent. Sometimes it repeated as in 2. above, sometimes not.
I realize this is not particularly helpful, but it's about all I got.
Can you confirm that the feature is engaged when you look at either of the attached scores? As I recall, all the woodwinds engaged the feature except the C-bass bassoon.

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For me, the barlines are spanned between most of the woodwinds (which is what I'd expect); the contrabassoon is oddly separated from the others. Similarly, the brass are connected to each other as I normally expect, except for an odd separation at the trombone and ophicleide. And the strings are connected as I expect. Maybe you started from a template that had things connected in the standard ways already and you just didn't notice until later, after adding a few more instruments? Seems extraordinarily unliekly the barlines would have just happened to connect themselves all on their own, in almost exactly what the standard ways are.

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While I thought that I made the score "from scratch" and added the instruments one at a time, it's possible I'm mis-remembering and used one of the templates and then added other instruments as required. That would explain why the c-bass bassoon isn't lined with the rest of the woodwinds, and also the break in the brass.
Still doesn't explain the very odd issue with the spacer-up feature. I couldn't get it to reproduce reliably; it's possible it went away after rebooting the laptop.

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