Musescore General Full soundfont (sf2 version): fast violins/celli crescendo noticeably through long notes

• Feb 10, 2020 - 23:26

When I enter a long note (i.e. > dotted quarter at around MM=60) in staves using fast violins or celli, the note exhibits a noticeable crescendo. It is so bad that sometimes a hairpin diminuendo applied to the note actually results in an audible crescendo during playback. For now, the only fix is to apply diminuendi to every single affected note, setting the velocity value to something in the 20 - 50 range, depending on the register of the note.

Since there are no circumstances under which the exhibited behaviour is desirable in live performance (i.e. it's not a matter of taste or judgment), and since it imposes a huge burden on the user, I'm hoping it will be treated as a significant bug.

Violas and double basses do not seem to be affected, or at least, not as much.


W10 MuseScore v 3.4.2 General full soundfont sf2, doesn't do this on my system. We may need a sample score.

I have heard fonts do odd things. On my system SSO doesn't always hold out full note values. So I don't useit. Do other fonts exhibit this behaviour?

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Sample attached. Use "Load from score" to get the correct levels and reverb. The single note, on my system, exhibits a decided crescendo from the first to the second beats. Not only can I hear it, it shows up when I'm watching the levels in the synth window.

Other strings samples, of which I have many, don't exhibit this behaviour. They all have other peculiarities. :) I'd like to continue using the ones from ms general because they are otherwise quite good (wow! something that actually sounds like a viola section!) They are, in fact, better than all the other freely available options out there.

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