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• Feb 10, 2020 - 05:19

Hi Everyone,

I realize MuseScore is primarily a score-writing program and only secondarily playback software but I wanted to know if there was a fix for this problem:

In a four-part vocal piece in 4/4 time with one note per syllable of text, the notes are sung in unison but sound choppy with a strong beat on each note. I've tried changing the time signature and note length and using slurs but I still get this effect: a sort of uh-uh-uh-uh repetition from note to note.

I read through the posts concerning the Piano Roll editor but I wasn't able to figure out an easy way to apply note lengths to an entire piece. Typical of me! I would like the notes to blend together more while still keeping the rhythm. If this can't be done in MuseScore is there a fix in another editing program like Audacity?

The proposed score itself is not the issue. This is just about playback. No example to upload yet.

Thanks for any help once again!



It depends on the font. I notice that "ooh" tends to have the separation, while "aah" has much less. Synth voice is even better. Add some reverb.
But again, it is the font that is the problem. Try some different ones from the download page.

Just play it in the “new” MuseScore Android äpp (playerlite), it has way too much legato and no way to turn it off. For proper Android playback, scores must still be created with MuseScore 2 and played with the old Qt-based äpp.

SCNR, slightly annoyed by the lack of response to user feedback on the äpp… (and yes, the äpp isn’t really for musescore.org I know… still couldn’t resist…)

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Hi Everyone,

Just a quick FYI: the workaround I used for this was to enter ties and slurs in some places in the vocal lines, then hide them with the Inspector. That evened things out for the overall sound. Not very elegant, but just a quick fix until I can get my head around some of the very good suggestions above.

Thanks again.


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