costum satff only for an x number of bars

• Feb 9, 2020 - 19:41

I am writing a piece for choir and soprano solo, I need for the choir to have sometimes a different number of lines other than 5 (as seen here:
I understand that I can change this in "staff/part properties" but I only need to do this in a limited number of bars. I have searched the documentation but haven't found any answers. I am currently using musescore 3.4.
any help will be appreciated.


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Thanks Soichi, but again, it's not precisely what I want, you can not change it in the middle of a staff. see the video example provided to have a better idea of what I want. Maybe its not possible in musescore, which is a shame because its something crucial in contemporary music

These tricks & hacks haven't been needed since MuseScore came out and added the "Staff Type Change" element ("S" icon) on the text palette. After adding this where you like, use the Inspector to change its properties. So, number of staff lines, the offset, which pitches they are supposed to represent, etc. Also the scale, whether or not to show barlines, and a numebr of other properties can be changed on the fly in this way.

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you usually break a staff format when you abandon a convention, in this case, a tempered pitch structured line. see (Morton Feldman cello pieces). an early important example would be Schoenberg and his "Sprechstimme". also refer to the video example from Berio's Sequenza (posted in my original post).

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