barlines disappear.

• Feb 9, 2020 - 18:26

Wait, didn't I put a repeat there? Oh maybe I just forgot. OK here it is. (put one in.) come back there. I'm SURE I put a repeat there. Do it again. Chalk it up to me going crazy. OK I am not going crazy. I just dragged a double bar into a bar to mark the end of a section. I clicked on the default rest in the next bar with the intention of hitting N and adding some new notes. POOF my double bar vanished. This has been happening quite frequently. I'm on MacOS the version right before Catalina (resisting that for now) and the latest and greatest MuseScore. Anyone else seeing this? I eventually get them to stay there, it's something about what you do AFTER but I haven't worked out systematically what it is yet.


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OK I will next time. Done for today. & I will also try the double click method of entering it. I also found that if I clicked OUTSIDE any pentagram area that the double bar stayed put (visible) at least for this latest job and now it is all done and safely squirreled away. So..... annoying but not a deal-breaker. Thanks for the answers!

(as of 3.4, you only need to single-click the barline)

The case I know of where this could happen in some older versions had to do with places where was also a start repeat in the same location, perhaps starting on the next system. But any bugs that I knew of in that were fixed some time ago. So if you continue to see this, please attach your score and describe as precisely as you can how to reproduce it. Even if it doesn't happen all the time, just having the specific score and knowing which measure you've seen the problem with might help us investigate.

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