Convert MIDI to notes

• Feb 7, 2020 - 19:45

I can't succeed to generate a useful notation. The MIDI file contains no metronome and has been played by human, therefore I will have to define the beats. The MIDI import panel does not supply such option. Whatever I try, I cant influence the (wrong) automatically detected measures. The option "recognize pickup measure" does not work eitzer. How could I manage? It seems that there are 2 parameters missig: "bar speed" and "initial bar phase (or first note position)".
I tried to add a second track into the MIDI file with manually added beats, just to help the conversion, but it failed; second track is not displayed in the converion panel.

Otherwise, its a great software!


Computers just aren't smart enough to do this by themselves (yet).

I've been in your shoes. My approach to getting it working is to use a DAW (I use REAPER) to create a tempo map and use that to make sure that the measures line up with the played notes. If you do this with the right approach, you can fix your MIDI file without resorting to quantizing or otherwise affecting the timing of the music in any way. Do all of this before importing into MuseScore and you'll give it a fighting chance of coming up with semi-usable notation that you can then hand-edit to perfection.

Care to post your MIDI file here? If it's short and simple enough I might be able to find the time to do it for you.

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