harmonizing a pre existing melody line with chords NOT symbols

• Feb 3, 2020 - 19:28

Hi Musescore community. I am using the latest and greatest Musescore on a 2106 15" Macbook with Mojave 10.14.6 ....... So I want to add lockstep harmony to an existing melody line. I want the harmony to be BELOW. I'm not hooked up to a MIDI keyboard. It will be rhythmically in lockstep so I don't need voices. I can do it with the virtual piano but....

let's say I'm done entering harmony for note #1 and I would now like to advance to note #2  Is there a better way besides toggling out of note mode and mousing over the next note and getting back into note mode?  Can't find that on the documentation which I DID read, BTW.  

after I've harmonized a tied note how can I tie all the new harmony notes the same as the original melody note.  Selecting both and double clicking the tie does not work.  

I hope this is clear and I thank you in advance for your answer.


To move from note to note, just hit the cursor left/right keys. No need to leave or re-enter note input mode, and definitely no need for the mouse. You can also enter the harmony part with Shift+letter name, then use Ctrl+Down if you want it below rather than above the melody. As for ties, you can add those along with the notes by pressing "+" just as when entering the melody, no need to enter the notes separately then tie them.

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Thanks for that answer. The arrows are how I normally do it, but it didn't work for me when I had the virtual piano panel open. It would only shift the virtual piano window. But maybe I failed to take focus off that window. I'll try it again later today as I have another one of those to do. And it's still an extra click. The Ctl+Down method might be the way to go, but I really liked the virtual piano, as I am a pianist and it's easier for me to play the notes of a chord than translate it to the English letter names of the notes.

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Arrow keys definitely work with the piano keyboard open, focus should stay in the score unless you caused it to move by dragging the piano keyboard. If you continue to have problems with that, please attach a score and give precise steps to reproduce the problem. But it worked fine for me, I was able to add notes to the chord using the piano keyboard (holding Shift to add rather than replace), change pitch with up/down, move the cursor with left/right, etc.

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