Crackling (Sounds like a guitar) sounds in voice when playing.

• Feb 3, 2020 - 04:38

When ever I play the vocal music and raise the volume, I hear this crackling noise. I am using default soundfont (haven't changed anything).

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Edited: Pay attention to the -level indicator- of the master-volume (in Synthesizer). It is recommended to keep it around -10. (I realized I couldn't express it well. Thanks to Jojo-Schmitz.)
Otherwise, the audio output is overloaded and distorted.

Edit: If you set the master volume slider to -50 (and below), there is usually no clipping and distortion.

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It isn't possible to keep one in place and increase and decrease the other.
Both are setting the same thing (Both are master volume controls).
Only difference is: You can see the total level with the help of the decibel-indicator (or decibel-meter) in the synthesizer .

As the number of instruments increases, get used to adjusting the sliders (or main volume) in the mixer to minus values (down).


If the indicator exceeds the level shown in this picture (-10dB; ±5 tolerance), adjust the slider on the right downwards:

In short:
for meter: keep around the indicator as -10dB (±5)
for slider: -50 (and below) are generally safe areas.

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