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• Feb 2, 2020 - 03:44

One thing I was thinking that might be useful would be to link elements of a score together, so that a change in one element effects the other. This would be analogous to something like Microsoft Publisher, where you can group multiple independent objects, text boxes, etc. together so that they become one group, so resizing effects the larger group instead of individual objects. Further than this though, I also think applying this to the "inspector" window for certain things -- especially text -- could be really helpful, such as if a score requires special measure number formatting which is consistent in relative position to measures, that one could at the start of the score, move all measure number positions, lock them to their relative positions to the measures, and then when the measure changes shape, the measure numbers automatically move to be in the same relative position to the measure.

Hopefully this all makes sense; I don't imagine this would be an incredibly high-priority thing to implement, but I think it would be a nice quality-of-life feature.


Isn't that what the 'Set as style' button in the Inspector already does?

Take, for example, measure numbers:
1. Open a score and number all the measures.
2. Click on one of the measure numbers and change the offset and/or font and/or size and then press the 'Set as style' button.
Voila! Those modification(s) are applied to all the numbers as a group.
Futhermore, relative positions to the measures are retained when adding system breaks, changing stretch, etc.

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Trying that doesn't seem to work; when adding in notes, the measure numbers move around still based around X/Y displacement instead of linked to a particular measure.

To give an example via something I'm trying to do, I want to create measure numbers that are akin to studio-style measure numbers, where at the measure numbers are at the bottom of the score, centered on every measure regardless of measure stretch, and automatically adjust to be perfectly centered during note-input. This is something that is doable on Sibelius, so I'd imagine that either a feature that is akin to Sibelius's ability to do as such, or that has the ability to do very similarly, would be available or planned to be added into MuseScore.

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Everything you describe is perfectly doable using style settings, except that there is no way to automatically center measure numbers, style setting or not. That's something that could potentially be added someday. but no special grouping or linking feature would be needed - just a simple checkbox in the measure number style to center within measure.

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The original post was mostly about position of measure numbers and other markings, not the contents of the measure. As mentioned, position of measure numbers and other markings is controlled by style settings, so yes it is easy to change them all globally. If you’re now asking about actual notes, that’s kind of a different subject. You’d need to attach an example so we can understand better.

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