Double-click option? (PLEASE)

• Jan 29, 2020 - 19:48

I understand the efficiency in using a single click for many things, but for me (at least), single-click is really frustrating and my productivity in making scores has really taken a blow. Is the option of choosing to operate with a double-click selection style at all possible for the sake of us older users? (Been using Musescore professionally for upwards of 6-7 years now)

It seems this change was made with new incoming users in mind, and judging by responses that I've seen from the Dev Team on similar posts, that further proves to be the case. Not asking to get rid of Single-Click, but to keep us older users in mind.

And if I'm missing something, by all means, please let me know! I don't want this to come across as anger or ill-will towards the Devs.


If you are talking the drum palette, then indeed we recognize this change was inadvertent and it's being reverted any day now.

But for anything else, I'm having trouble understanding how not having to click twice is getting the way. You are still welcome to click twice, it just isn't needed anymore. If you are experiencing some sort of issue with a particular operation, could you attach your score and describe what precisely you are trying where someone not being forced to double-click is causing a problem?

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