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• Jan 28, 2020 - 02:58

When will Musescore be updated to the latest in the Microsft store for Windows 10 users? I enjoy using the store version as I feel it works better with older systems and does not require an administrative password. Any info relating to the release date for this update would be greatly appreciated as well as why it always takes longer for this version to come out.

Thank you!


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I am familiar with school district IT guys. They have a tough job. I know that sometimes some of them might seem hard to deal with, or "too busy". You are on a lower user account. So it's part of their job to give you the code (not likely) or push the right buttons themselves. They do it for all kinds of things.

The Microsoft Store has MuseScore 3.3.4 currently. Updating it is a manual and time consuming process, the version needs to get build, packaged, sent to Microsoft and get checked and accepted by them. So it will always be lagging behind a bit and also may skip some versions. My guess is that 3.4.2, once available, will also be sent to the store, maybe some time next week, surely not earlier

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There are some new background issues for releasing a version that did not exist in version 3.5. There was an unofficial 3.5.1 RC that was tested by people on telegram and problems were discovered with the "RC" The problems were fixed then the release was prepared and the new build environment released an older version that had some bugs we thought were fixed. We also discovered some problems that we didn't know about with the new backend used for creating a release. These problem now is getting the proper release that works for everyone. In short, an RC wouldn't have found the issues. This is a simplified explanation.

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