opening old scores with version 3.4.1

• Jan 26, 2020 - 17:00

I opened an old score, made with musescore 2.
Now all the chord symbols are again above the staves :(

And changing them with the inspector,
by selecting one and setting this as style doesn't work.

This is really a problem,
as my scores are for accordion
and I need those chord symbols below.



Unfortunately MuseScore was pretty limited in how it handled things, there was no way to say "below the staff", only, "move this chord a long ways below its normal position and hope that does the job". Now that MuseScore 3 supports placing things below the staff without the need to resort to such trickery, we do try to fix things automatically on import, but a few things can confuse the process, and one of them was your otherwise-reasonable customization of the default style setting from MuseScore 2.

Anyhow, what I suggest then is:

1) go ahead and accept the offer to reset positions on load
2) right-click one chord symbol
3) Select / All Similar Elements
4) press the Reset button next to Placement in the Inspector, which moves them all below, but too far, because of your style setting
5) now fix the offset and hit Set as style ("S") there

At least, that's the best method I can think of.

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Indeed, only a few seconds per score. So if it's a handful of scores only, it's well worth the effort to take advantage of the other advances in MuseScore 3. If it's hundreds, well, that's why we recommend keeping MuseScore 2 on your system as well, to open older scores when you don't feel like doing whatever might be required to update them. Many older scores will work just fine in MuseScore 3, but as ones that employed manual adjustments to work around the limitations and deficiencies in MsueScore 2 are most likely to suffer.

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