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• Jan 26, 2020 - 11:21

How can I add chord symbols below the staves?
I've found how to move a single one,
using the inspector,
but I want ALL of them below ..


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Mine were working fine in the last version of MusScore, but this latest update has screwed it right up, I can see what they have tried to do as it was asked to have the note names on the notes so to speak (Like EZ Play Format) but what it produces now is totally unreadable with the note names, hoping this can be fixed Can't Take My Eye's Off You (After Latest Update).mscz
Take a look at the attachment you will see what i mean .

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jojo i have kept up with all the updates since you pointed out to me in the past that i was using an outdated 2.0 version, since then i check for updates daily, so as soon as they are available i install them.
So confused as to why this problem is here, could it have got corrupted somehow ?

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i have a problem, i am following the instructions as follows
Right-click on a staff and select Staff/Part Properties…; click on Advanced Style Properties… and choose from the "Notehead scheme" dropdown list.
The schemes are as follows:

Normal: This is the default scheme and the one the vast majority of people will use: it is also the only scheme in MuseScore 1 and 2. It uses normal noteheads which can be changed via the Noteheads palette or the Inspector.
Pitch name: Noteheads automatically and dynamically change to include the English pitch name in the notehead.
Pitch names
German pitch name: Just like the previous one but B will be replaced by H, and Bb by B.

yet after i select the German pitch name i am unable to see the apply or ok button as they are below the screen, every time i try to shrink the screen down a bit it crashes.
can you advise please.

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1920 * 1080 seems too little for a 27" screen, my 20" does 1600 * 1200?

That reduces the the real resolution to 2/3, 1280 * 720, and those 720 may not be enough for the height of some dialogs. I doubt though that these particular ones won't fit, they are not that large, not if made as small as possible at least:
616 * 627
621 * 549
They are bigger thoughh by default, but can get resized and remember that setting for later

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Thank's for you reply jojo, unfortunately i can not read a single word in your images as i only speak English.
I am 100 % sure this is not an issue with my PC or monitor as i use a lot of software with this monitor and have no issues at all with any of the others, and up till installing this latest version of MuseScore even that worked perfectly, now it is totally unusable.
Feeling very let down as i used this wonderful program a lot and was just turning the corner and starting to understand it better and was managing to turn out workable sheets, well good enough for what i needed.
If it was my monitor then i would have had this issue with all the other versions of MuseScore surely ? which i did not !

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Not really important to be able to read the texts on my images, they just should demonstrate the size of the dialogs Staff properties and Extended staff properties. Anyway, I replaced with the English images now, they can even be made slightly smaller
The question is whether you can resize those so they fit your screen and show the OK button?

Also you could try to change your screen settings to 125% or even 100%?

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